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What:  Smart2Move certifications

Become dual force plates and ground reaction forces certified. Discover and understand how biomechanics and ground reaction forces measurement will help you maximize an athlete’s performance. With fundamental basics of applied biomechanics and S2M dual force plates, you will quickly learn the essential skills to understand how force creates motion and its effects on the golf swing motion: Stability, power, efficiency and prevention of injuries.

  • Dual Force Plates Level I – Discover and understand how our interaction with the ground and the ground reaction forces allow us to optimize the golf swing motion with our experts.
  • Dual Force Plates Level II – The same as above with the basic fundamentals of applied biomechanics and dual force plates. You will establish essential skills to functionally understand the golf swing motion.

Where:  Online and webinars

Cost:  Level I is 99 euros. Level II is 500 euros

Contact:  For more information regarding certifications, please go to https://www.smart2move.com/certifications, or call Tyler Watson at 804-972-1736.