What We Offer

Earning the distinction as golf’s leading network of top instructors has resulted from Proponent’s emphasis on understanding what coaches need for success and delivering best-in-class solutions.

What We Offer

Proponent Group recognizes that Directors of Instruction, Academy owners and other accomplished teachers need a unique array of professional services to help them protect their careers and grow their businesses. Here are some of our members’ favorite benefits of membership:

Education and Networking Opportunities

Proponent’s training sessions give members the chance to meet premier teachers, gain access to new industry ideas, and maximize their instruction revenues.

Member's Minute Communications

Published once a week, the Proponent Group Member’s Minute is the key to knowing what is happening in the golf instruction industry. These quick briefs provide the busy coach with everything they need to make sure nothing important is falling through the cracks in their teaching business.

Business Templates and Guides

Proponent offers a library of unique guides and templates designed and written specifically for high-level instructors and academies. They are proven tools for saving time and money.


Proponent Punchlist

It’s no small challenge to take care of your students and continually hone your coaching skills even as you work to grow your business and income. The Proponent PunchList is a vital tool for instructors seeking to manage their activities year-round in a highly efficient manner that keeps them ahead of virtually all business challenges.

Proponent Preferred

In a specialized world like golf instruction, it’s a challenge to find vendors, contractors and consultants who can solve coaches’ problems and open them up to new forms of career progress. Proponent Preferred is a directory of just those resources.


Research and Surveys

Proponent gathers and distributes exclusive data from its unique set of surveys including the most comprehensive teaching compensation and instruction operations survey, instructor certification programs survey and teaching buildings survey in the industry.


What our members are saying about Proponent Group…

“Proponent’s attention to every detail is outstanding. The membership’s passion for teaching is highly contagious and many of them have commented to me that without this organization’s support we would be out there on our own.”

-Dylan Ross, Mexico City, Mexico

“What attracted me to Proponent Group was that I was told this was a group of indusry leaders that were open-minded, not averse to change, and always willing to learn and share knowledge. I have not been disappointed.”

-Tony Clark, Windermere, FL

“I certainly have Proponent Group to thank for the direction my career is heading and the growth of my teaching brand. Your advice always keeps me moving in the right direction. Being around the other members always inspires me to get better.”

-Mike Bury, Mike Bury Golf Academy – Dallas, TX

“Proponent Group has been an invaluable resource for me. The people involved are serious about furthering the professional development of all their members. I recommend Proponent Group to any instructor who is committed to being the best they can be.”

-Kevin Rhoads, The Country Club – Brookline, MA

“I joined Proponent Group because I needed fresh ideas and innovative strategies. It has by far been the best investment I have made for myself and my business in a long, long time.”

-Dana Rader, Former LPGA T&CP National President

“Proponent Group has helped me hire new staff, saved our academy money on credit card processing, provided useful ideas when designing our new academy building and they keep me on top of every new industry trend thanks to their outstanding annual summits. What a great resource!”

-Mike Bender, Mike Bender Golf Academy – Lake Mary, FL