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What:  Designed by golf and fitness professionals for golf and fitness professionals. Learn to analyze and coach the golf swing from both the golf fitness and golf instruction spectrums.

Designed by PGA Golf and Fitness Professionals Brian Newman and Oliver Peacock, GFX Certification equips you with the tools and knowledge to help your students develop and strengthen their Five Foundational Swing Skills through functional golf movements. Follow our prescribed training and golf fitness swing workouts, hitting drills, and speed training to coach your students to better golf fitness and a better swing almost immediately. Our GFX Coaches are made up of highly experienced PGA Professionals, TPI Certified Instructors, Personal Trainers, Golf Coordination and Injury Specialists and CrossFit Coaches. Add to your current offerings and grow your business.

Where:  Online

Cost:  Online Level I, course only $299, Online Level 1, course with equipment bundle $399.

Contact:  To register go to orangewhipgolf.com/certifications for more information.