Certification Programs

Proponent Members’ Rating for this certification program:

  • Percentage of members who have completed this program:   7
  • Percentage of certified members who said this program “significantly added to their teaching skill set”:   56
  • Percentage of certified members who said this program “somewhat or strongly enhanced their reputation”:   44
  • Percentage of certified members who said this program was a good or outstanding value versus cost:   78

What:  Every golfer wants to have Fluid Motion when they swing. Fluidity translates into more power with less effort, better timing and usually straighter shots. Fluidity is a subtle and sometimes complicated element to teach. The Fluid Motion Factor certification program is a program that will enable you to teach your students how to be more fluid when they swing.

There are two ways to become certified to teach the Fluid Motion Factor program: Online and in-person. The online program is a 3 1/2 hour video that will take you anywhere from two weeks to two months to go through, depending on how much time you put in. There are three learning curves in the program: Range, on course and tournament golf. It is vital that you go through all three learning curves, as that will be the only way you can effectively teach the program. The in-person version is two full days spent at Champions Gate at the Leadbetter Academy in Orlando.

There are three tests to become certified. One is written and the two are done over Skype.


Online or in person. Leadbetter Golf Academy, Champions Gate until May 13. After that, Iowa City, IA until Sept 15. Repeats every year.

Time:  TBD.

Cost:  $975 for the on-line version. $1,750 for the in-person version (normally $2,000). LPGA members receive 4 CU’s for the online course and 8 CU’s for the in-person course. Approved for credit from the PGA of America pending.

Contact:  Steven Yellin, 641-455-9999 or www.fluidmotiongolf.com, zonetraining.net. If you send Steven your email address he will send you a PDF version of my second book, The Fluid Motion Factor: Understanding the Source of Exceptional Golf, which lays out the program’s foundation.