Certification Programs

Proponent Members’ Rating for this certification program:

  • Percentage of members who have completed this program:   34
  • Percentage of certified members who said this program “significantly added to their teaching skill set”:   28
  • Percentage of certified members who said this program “somewhat or strongly enhanced their reputation”:   88
  • Percentage of certified members who said this program was a good or outstanding value versus cost:   93

What:  Join us for a day of learning as we review some of the most important research and findings uncovered by TrackMan over the last 10 years. The TrackMan University material will enhance your fitting and teaching. The primary focus of the workshops is to cultivate a better understanding of club delivery and the resulting ball flight.

“As an instructor, it is critical to be able to diagnose ball flight. It comes down to three simple yet often misunderstood variables: club direction, face orientation, and impact location,” affirmed Matt Frelich, PGA Professional and VP of Sales and Business Development. Join the TrackMan team for a day of presentations and hands-on sessions that will improve your understanding of golf’s key fundamentals. The workshop is designed for a beginner to intermediate level of understanding. No prior TrackMan experience required.

When/Where:  Log Onto the Trackman University website for dates and times.

Cost:  Free to current TMU member, non TMU members $475 for two day workshop plus one year TMU membership.

Contact:  Go to www.trackmanuniversity.com to register, or call Justin Padjen at 804-301-4119, jp@trackman.dk.  Visit their website at https://trackmangolf.com/.