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Proponent Members’ Rating for this certification program:

  • Percentage of members who have completed this program:   19
  • Percentage of certified members who said this program “significantly added to their teaching skill set”:   39
  • Percentage of certified members who said this program “somewhat or strongly enhanced their reputation”:   45
  • Percentage of certified members who said this program was a good or outstanding value versus cost:   77

What: Mike Adams and E.A. Tischler are certifying instructors in the revolutionary BioSwing Dynamics System. It is based on the combination of the sciences of Biomechanics and Dynamics and how they apply to the student’s swing.

BioDynamics is the study of body mechanics. It takes the laws of physics, mechanics and engineering and applies them to human performance. It relates them to the internal and external forces acting on the body and the effects of these forces and it allows for the prediction of the mechanical aspects of human motion and potential outcomes. Dynamics includes the motion of bodies as induced by external forces.

BioSwing Dynamics bridges the gap between teaching, coaching and science. It allows the instructor to take the guesswork out of determining how a golfer should optimally swing. It allows us to bring efficiency of motion in an injury-free environment to the student’s golf swing. Through a series of screens you will be able to determine the student’s:

  1. Dominant power source.
  2. Natural Swing Track on back swing and down swing (shoulder, torso (right arm) or hip (shaft) Plane.
  3. Optimal Lower Body action (Lateral or Rotary (one post, or two post) or Vertical or a combination of each).
  4. Natural hip speed (fast, medium, or slow).
  5. Ultimate Swing Type (one plane, two plane, or slot swing).
  6. Optimal set up procedure (grip, posture, stance (width, foot flare, and orientation), ball position, aim and alignment).
  7. Natural Tempo and Swing Speed.
  8. Optimal Ball Flight, Shape, and Trajectory.
  9. Natural right arm action (on top, side on or under).
  10. Matching hinge type (vertical, horizontal or diagonal).
  11. Natural set (early, middle, or late).
  12. Optimal swing length.
  13. Ideal top of the back swing position.
  14. Linkage (the right elbow position through the delivery zone (waist high to impact) (front, center or rear).
  15. Release type (cornering, covering or extending).

With this information gathered from the screens, we are able to develop a blueprint or road map to each student’s optimal swing.

When/Where:  Online.

Cost:  Prices range from $300.00 to $800.00.

Contact:  laws2326@gmail.com or go to http://newhorizonsgolf.com/BioSwingDynamics.html.