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What:  The sport of golf was one of the first to adopt data-driven strategies and use them to improve players’ skills and the games’ entertainment value.

For over 20 years FlightScope has been using radar tracking technology to offer ball and club data to the golf industry. Every year the data offering is improved and expanded and as a professional in the golfing industry it’s important to understand the science behind this data and how analyzing it can be used in your profession.

  •  9 modules
  •  35 chapters
  •  6 instructional style videos
  •  12 audio podcasts
  •  50 exam questions
  •  6+ hours
  • Official certification
  • Downloadable certificate and marketing toolkit

FlightScope Learning is an online education platform that provides advanced and basic launch monitor technology educational courses. Our forum is easy to navigate and is dedicated to helping golfers and enthusiasts understand the specs and science behind their peak performance.

FlightScope Learning is suited to:

  • FlightScope Owners
  • Golf Professionals
  • Golf Instructors
  • Golf Coaches
  • Golf Club Fitters
  • All Golfers

Where:  Online.

Cost:  $299.00

Contact:  Visit their website at https://www.flightscope-learning.com/