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Mind Factor Coaching

This foundation module (Presented by Karl Morris) not only gives you the coaching framework which will set you apart from other coaches, but also the core mental skills you’ll need to help your players (or yourself). You’ll find out why positive thinking doesn’t work, how to build mental toughness and resilience in your players, and how to make every second of practice count.

Module One – Before Play
• Introduction
• A Key Question
• The Coaching Framework
• ‘Before’ Tools
• Neutral Tools
• Core Self
• Effective Practice

This module addresses the subject of beliefs and how they affect players at all levels. When you have studied this, you will be streets ahead in your understanding of the way a player perceives the game, and how to harness the power of the mind.

Module Two – The Power of Beliefs (Presented by Chris Walton)
• Iceberg Principle
• Beliefs as a Map
• Visual Perception
• You have Two Minds
• Muscle Testing
• Power of the Mind

So many players tie themselves in knots with pre-shot routines, swing thoughts and habits such as waggles. This module will let you cut right to the core of what works, and most importantly why.

Module Three – During Play
• Applying the Practice Pyramid
• Thinking Zone vs. Playing Zone
• Triggering Concentration
• The Power of Questions
• The Value of a Practice Swing
• Crossing the Bridge
• The Power of Centre

This module will equip you with the tools you need to measure your players progress so that you have the hard evidence which so many other coaches fail to obtain. You’ll also learn how to develop your business as a MIND FACTOR coach so that you can get up and running quickly.

Module Four – In Between
• Effective Practice
• The Circle Game
• The In-Between
• Thought Chains
• Developing Your Business

Influence and persuasion skill are vital, not only in developing your business, but also in persuading your coaching clients to adopt the techniques that will propel them to success. The result is happy players and a thriving business for you. This module is skillfully presented by Gary May, who is internationally recognised as being in the ‘Top 1%’ of Persuasion & Sales Experts.

Module Five – Influence and Persuasion
• Influence and Persuasion
• Spatial Anchoring
• Covert Body Language
• How You Can Persuade Them
• Lazy Answer Questioning
• Secret Knowledge
• Omega Strategies
• Pricing Strategies

Most golf coaching stops when you leave the course. MIND FACTOR coaching recognises that much of the learning happens after you play. This module will give you some of the latest neuroscientifically backed tools and techniques to maximize your players success even after they have returned to the clubhouse!

Module Six – After Golf
• Taking Action
• Putting Psychology
• Controlling Emotions
• After (Woods Secret)

Great golf depends on a combination of technical skills, mental skills, and physical fitness. Fitness and Nutrition expert, Phil Richards, who has worked with athletes including boxer Amir Khan, Rugby Union’s Leicester Tigers and teams in the UK football premiereship will teach you how to ensure your coaching clients are at the physical peak too.

Module Seven – Fitness and Nutrition
• Ten Habits of Nutrition
• Deficiency and Toxicity
• Nutritional Habits
• Fitness and Conditioning

Where:  Online or 20 hours of downloadable video

Cost:  $597

Contact:  Visit website at https://www.golf-brain-online.com/mind-factor-coach/.