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What:  As a Neuropeak Pro Performance Partner, you will complete Precision Breathing Training with the NTEL BELT and gain access to our Level 1 NTEL BELT Certification Course.

By experiencing the power of the NTEL BELT and completing the certification course you will gain a better understanding of how the NTEL BELT and Precision Breathing Training can help reduce the impact of stress and help improve focus, resiliency, and quality of sleep. An NTEL BELT certification will help you become the expert that guides your network towards their goals of achieving better performance under pressure.

Where:  Online

Cost:  Online Level I, certification course sold as a bundle. The cost for the Performance Program bundle is $349 and includes the following:

  • Neuropeak Pro NTEL BELT (a $199 value)
  • Free Neuropeak Pro membership for primary user
  • VIP In-app support
  • Level 1 NTEL BELT Certification Course
  • Free 60-day trial of Neuropeak Pro App Team Dashboard
  • Offer Precision Breathing Training as a service to your network
  • Opportunity for an additional revenue stream
  • This course is approved for 3 PDR Credits by the PGA of America

The cost for the program is $150 if you already own the NTEL BELT.

Contact:  To register go to https://www.neuropeakpro.com/partners/ for more information.