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Proponent Members’ Rating for this certification program:

  • Percentage of members who have completed this program:  16
  • Percentage of certified members who said this program “significantly added to their teaching skill set”:   37
  • Percentage of certified members who said this program “somewhat or strongly enhanced their reputation”:   74
  • Percentage of certified members who said this program was a good or outstanding value versus cost:   89


Level 1 – defines OverSpeed training and the adaptations for swinging sports. This level covers everything you need to know about SuperSpeed training including weight differentials, fitting guidelines, and common errors while performing the protocols. We also explain the importance of non-dominant training and proper dynamic warmup routine. Finally, we share tools to drive more revenue at your facility.

• Defining OverSpeed Training
• Products & Fitting Guidelines
• Safety Procedures
• Coaching SuperSpeed
• Business: Speed Clinics

Level 2 – begins with a deeper breakdown of the SuperSpeed protocols. Using an interactive learning experience, we explain how to create speed using the ground through vertical forces, lateral forces, and torque. You will then learn about junior speed development by exploring our junior training protocols. Finally, we provide you with the proper resources to start running speed schools at your facility.

• Protocol Effects
• Level 2, 3 & 4 Protocols
• Ground Force Mechanics
• SuperSpeed for Juniors
• Business: Speed Schools

Level 3 – elaborates on the biomechanics aspects of speed. We show you how to test for our 3 major components of speed without the need for further equipment. These being ground force mechanics, rotational sequencing, and lag. We then breakdown the kinematic sequence showing the effects of energy throughout the chain. Finally, we provide advanced speed development protocols to individualize your speed training program.

• Level 5 Protocol
• Advanced Speed Development
• Rotational Sequencing
• Lag Mechanics
• Business Strategies

Where:  Online.

Cost:   $99.99 each level.

Contact:  Call 1800-217-6059 or email info@superspeedgolf.com.  Sign up on their website https://superspeedgolf.com/products/superspeed-certification.