Certification Programs

Proponent Members’ Rating for this certification program:

  • Percentage of members who have completed this program:  10
  • Percentage of certified members who said this program “significantly added to their teaching skill set”:   25
  • Percentage of certified members who said this program “somewhat or strongly enhanced their reputation”:   80
  • Percentage of certified members who said this program was a good or outstanding value versus cost:   80

What: Bridie Basics Pro Membership shows you how to teach groups of children ages 3-6, year-round, indoors or out, with a 12 month, adaptable, story based curriculum that keeps kids safe, successful, and engaged.

Kate Tempesta’s Urban Golf Academy (UGA) has been providing engaging, effective, and FUN programming to thousands of children for more than a decade – in Central Park, playrooms, gyms, and schools throughout New York City and at Montauk Downs Golf Course.

UGA’s mission is to empower children as young as 3 via golf! UGA is passionate about achieving this mission by sharing their tried and true programming with other PGA and LPGA professionals. UGA is committed to YOUR success and know that adding this programming wil increase your bottom line.

The Birdie Basics Pro Membership is UGA’s expertise in an easy to digest program that includes a story-based curriculum, video lecture series (initial content and monthly drip content), and utility kit (aka birdie’s bag of tricks)! You get the tools and approach to work with junior golfers as young as 3 years old (UGA likes to call them Early Birdies). Other membership benefits include a weekly email from Kate, access to Birdie’s Ambassador private Facebook page, a monthly live Q & A with Kate, and new innovations, games, tools, and props are in the works for inclusion in the membership.

In short, UGA Birdie Basics gives you everything you need to deliver safe, successful fun golf programming, and cast a wider net to even younger golfers. The Birdie Basics membership includes:

  • Indoors and outdoors, on and off the course.
  • Year round.
  • No need for rain dates again.
  • Programming includes longer class times and/or camp formats due to a whole child, playful approach (think happier students, happier parents, and increased revenue).
  • Beginning for children as young as 3, and they keep coming back. Think repeat customers for many years.


When:  There will be virtual live trainings throughout the year.

Cost:  $999.00 for the year.

Contact:  kturbangolfacademy.com or call 917-650-5668.  Visit their website at https://birdie-basics.com/.