Programming for New-Golfer Engagement: Eight Turn-key Options

May 9, 2023 | News

By David Gould, Staff Editor

If the Member’s Minute was a printed newspaper, this item is one you’d want to clip out with scissors and pin to the bulletin board. Formatted by name, URL and quick description, it’s a comprehensive list of turnkey programs that cater to the new or returning golfer. We know Proponent members have a talent for creative programming, but you don’t have to reinvent every wheel—as these well-crafted options have clearly proven:

  Operation 36   At this website you’ll be invited to click a Learn More button and receive basic information. Next step is to schedule a free Program Planning Session. The program’s app allows for bookings and payments to save you a lot of aggravation signing up participants. Matt Reagan and Ryan Dailey who created the program are both long-time Proponent Group members. There are fees for full involvement but the trial is no-charge.

  Get Golf Ready   The relevant web page for instructors who want to learn more can be found here. This program, developed by multiple industry organizations and spearheaded by the PGA of America, is pure grow-the-game, and quite well proven over many years in operation at thousands of facilities. 

  Birdie Basics   Birdie Basics provides playbooks and materials for running a season-long program with 3-6 year olds. Creator Kate Tempesta is a long-time Proponent Group member and is a former school teacher with a deep understanding of early childhood development. Year one membership, covering up to four coaches, is $1,099.

  LPGA/USGA Girl’s Golf   Arguably the most grassroots of all new-golfer programs and perhaps the most successful, LPGA/USGA Girl’s Golf is staffed in part by a new eLeader program, drafting volunteer mentor-advocates age 13 to 18, interested in contributing to local community needs. The program services more than 100,000 girls around the world each year.

  PGA Junior League   Coaches in the Junior League program must be PGA Members, PGA Associates or LPGA Members to register. In addition, there is a background screening and formal abuse-awareness training and reporting requirements. More than 60 percent of Proponent Group coaches are currently involved in running PGA Junior League programming – the highest percentage of any of these highlighted turnkey programs. 

  Discover Golf   Highly conceptual and rooted in the theory of education through play, this program is as much about expanding the coach’s understanding of the education and immersion process as it is about growing the game. Founder Richard Franklin was interviewed on Proponent Group Live and talked in depth about how he designed Discover Golf to match kids developmental needs. It is a fascinating discussion and a unique program concept.

  Will Robins Coaching Program   Of all golfer-engagement platforms, this one is the most business-based for golf professionals (while also being quite disciplined in its improvement-training theories). It’s very much about using group coaching programs to allow the golf professional to earn significantly more revenue per hour and creates an environment where students stay long-term and experience measurable results. 

  LPGA 101   Like the Girls Golf platform the LPGA has built (partnering with the USGA) LPGA 101 is based on breaking down barriers and showing female students there’s a place for them in golf. The goal for the program is to create a comfortable, no embarrassment opportunity to learn the game.