The Proponent Punchlist


Congratulations. You’ve established yourself as a full-time instructor and are achieving success. You’ve also made a forward-thinking move by availing yourself of Proponent Group’s support and services. It is now more possible—and more necessary—to bring advanced management techniques to your teaching and coaching practice. But it’s no small challenge to take care of your existing students and continually hone your coaching skills even as you work to grow your business and your income. The Proponent PunchList addresses all these activities, meanwhile helping you achieve a reasonable work-life balance.

If you are a new member of Proponent Group, you are best off using the PunchList initially as an assessment tool. Within it are 30-plus sub-categories of management and business strategy. In most cases a new Proponent member will find they are proficient in many of these areas, adequate in some and in need of considerable help in others.

Our goal is to see you get more from your business’s current strengths while helping you address any possible weak areas so they no longer pose a threat to future success.

You don’t have to tackle all of these PunchList items at once, nor should you. For each sub-category we provide a suggested time interval or cycle when review is most appropriate. We do suggest you go back over the entire list annually, and use your yearly review to re-prioritize your greatest opportunities as well as your most vital needs.

​Under many of these items you will find Assets to Assist. These are guides, templates, video presentations and other tools stored in the member-only section of the Proponent Group website. You can readily deploy and customize these assets to help you complete a given task. What follows is the full PunchList download in its entirety, sequenced according to our recommendation as to how frequently the various tasks should be taken up.

There is no better way to tap into the power of Proponent Group than to start by using the Proponent Punchlist today.