How To... Grow Your Business with a New Student Assessment with Andy Hilts

In this short video, Andy Hilts advises Proponent Group members on best practices for using a New Student Assessment to grow your business.

PG Live - Andy Hilts Episode 018

Andy Hilts is the top sales trainer for golf coaches in our industry and has helped numerous Proponent Group members understand how effective sales strategies and techniques will make your teaching business operate more efficiently and increase your revenues. This episode of PG Live dives into all of the main components of effective selling of golf instruction. Learn and use these concepts and your business will undoubtedly grow.

Andy Hilts - Increasing Student Referrals and Retention

GolfTEC's Andy Hilts discusses how the world's largest instruction company generates more referrals and increases student retention.

Todd Sones - Salesmanship for Golf Professionals

Jeff Penson and Lorin Anderson - Secrets to Creating Long-Term Students

Golf Channel Academy's Marketing Operations Manager, Jeff Penson, shares some key ways you can streamline and grow your pipeline of new students. He will share a variety of techniques that help bring new golfers to your lesson tee. He is joined by Proponent Group President Lorin Anderson for this presentation recorded at the 2016 Proponent Group Summit.

Brian Jacobs - Secrets to Selling Your Services

Brian Jacobs is a natural salesman and marketer and has built a very successful teaching business in Rochester, NY. This presentation at the 2017 Proponent Group Summit explains his mindset to selling his services and what you can learn from his success.