Negotiations and Transitions

Cheryl Anderson and Brandon Stooksbury - Climbing the Next Rung on the Career Ladder

Cheryl Anderson, Director of Instruction at Mike Bender Golf Academy in Orlando and a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher, and Brandon Stooksbury, Director of Instruction at Idle Hour C.C. in Macon, GA, have both had very successful careers and have steadily created and taken advantage of opportunities to improve their career options. This is a must watch for any of our Associate Members who are working to climb the industry ladder.

Lorin Anderson - Making Your Next Career Move (Part I)

Proponent Group President Lorin Anderson takes a look at Making Your Next Career Move in a Stagnant Market including a look at the employment situation in the industry for the next few years and how you can stand out in what will continue to be a tight market.

Lorin Anderson - Making Your Next Career Move (Part II)