Live Events

Lunch and Learn - Small Business Marketing with Cordie Walker

Small Business Marketing for Instructors with special guest Cordie Walker is our topic for this edition of Lunch & Learn. Marketing agency owner Cordie Walker shares his insights into ways to get the most out of your key marketing opportunities using social media, email marketing and your website.

Performance Over Preferences: How to Help Everyone Get Better Around the Greens - James Ridyard

English Tour player coach James Ridyard is known as one of the top researchers on the short game and he joins us here to share some of his short game coaching ideas, in particular, around wedge play for all levels of golfer.

Competitive Junior Training - Panel Discussion

This is a must watch discussion on the nuances of training competitive juniors that delves into a variety of related topics. This all-star panel includes US Kids Golf's Kellie Edelblut, 3-time Northeast New York PGA Section Teacher of the Year Anders Mattson and 2023 PGA of America National Teacher of the Year Kevin Weeks.

Coaching for Power - Dr. Phil Cheetham and Ryan Crawley

Coaching for Power: How to Pinpoint Speed Leaks and Predict Speed Potential delves into the current research being done using AI at Sportsbox AI. Dr. Phil Cheetham and Ryan Crawley spill the beans on what they've learned so far and what they are expecting to better understand about power creation in the very near future.

State of the Industry - March 2024

Lorin Anderson's State of the Industry is his opportunity to share trends and insights with Proponent Group members about what is happening in the business of golf instruction and what may be about to happen. This month Anderson, Proponent Group's Founder, looks at the data surrounding the quest to generate revenues when a coach is off the lesson tee.

Level Up Your Coaching by Pinpointing a Player's Personality Traits - John Weir

John Weir owns Mental Golf Type, a company devoted to understanding how a persons personality affects the way they learn and perform at their personal peak. John shares details on the 16 personality types you need to know to be able to best teach and train anyone who shows up on your lesson tee. MGT is used by many top academies and college teams including the Mike Bender Golf Academy.

Are Your Juniors Ready for Big Time College Golf? - Panel Discussion

Truly an instant classic panel discussion that could have gone on for many more hours. Three of the biggest coaches in the NCAA provide numerous candid answers about what they look for in junior recruits and the topsy-turvy state of the college game in the age of transfer portals and NIL deals. If you coach juniors, this is an absolute must watch with Auburn's Nick Clinard: University of Florida's JC Deacon (2023 National Champions) and Wake Forest's Kim Lewellen (2023 National Champions).

Business Value of Golf Instruction

Proponent Group Founder, Lorin Anderson, returns to Summit '23 with an updated presentation of Business Value of Golf Instruction which has captured the industry's imagination since he debuted this data earlier in the year at the PGA Show. Business Value of Golf Instruction pulls together a variety of data points that show the enormous power of quality instruction to drive golfer spending and engagement. This is a must watch for every Proponent Group member and golf facility owner.

PG Live - Mark Blackburn Episode 009

2020 PGA of America National Teacher of the Year Mark Blackburn joins us on this episode of Proponent Group Live. He discusses how he developed his teaching process and his business process for his very successful academy in Birmingham, AL and he shares ideas for how you can develop your teaching and business processes. We cover a lot of topics in this wide ranging interview including how he works with his Tour players, why we need more fun in the game, what he looks for when hiring coaches, how he uses distance learning, where technology is heading next for golf instruction and much more. It's a great discussion from one of the top coaches in the game today that you will want to hear. Recorded March 30, 2021.

Filling the Gap: Why Getting More Golfers Breaking 100 Should be Your Highest Priority

On the heels of Proponent Group's Business Value of Golf Instruction presentation, the founders of Operation 36, Ryan Dailey and Matt Reagan, set out to research a critical inflection point where golfers enthusiasm goes sky high. That point is when golfers begin breaking 100 regularly. They found that most beginner instruction programs are not designed to keep new golfers in the game long enough to reach this critical skill level. In this 30 minute presentation from Summit '23 see what they found and how you can do a better job of filling this critical instruction gap.

Creating Mental Performance Programs that Assess the Student, Program their Processes and Measure Results through FlowCode

Rick Sessinghaus has coached a multitude of competitive golfers over the years including major champion Collin Morikawa. In this presentation he shares keys to building training programs that enhance mental processes based on his FlowCode training method. This presentation was recorded at Proponent Group Summit 2023.

Entreprenurial Panel

Many Proponent Group coaches are taking on business ownership beyond simply teaching the game at a green grass facility. Our coaches now own driving ranges, indoor simulator league establishments, indoor training centers and more. During Summit '23 David Ogrin and Karen Nicoletti shared the ups and downs of running businesses beyond teaching the game. This is a great primer for any coach thinking about adding new components to their coaching.

How I Develop Competitive Golfers

Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher, Joey Wuetemberger, has coached multiple USGA champions, NCAA champions and professional tour winners. He operates one of the top competitive junior coaching programs in the country out of his headquarters in Arlington, Texas. In this presentation from Summit '23 he shares his methods for developing competitive players.

Social Media for Golf Coaches

Preston McClellan is the Managing Director of Golf Space Collective which specializes in digital media for golf industry accounts including golf coaches and academies. McClellan is one of the architects of the PGA Tour's social media strategy and his group is known as a leader in social media execution. Here he takes a look at the current situation in social media for coaches who are looking to increase their exposure using various social platforms. This hour long presentation does a deep dive into a wide variety of issues related to using social media for your coaching business. This was Preston's first presentation to our coaches but based on the very positive response from our members, it won't be the last.

USGA's National Team Program Plans

The USGA's Managing Director Player Relations and Development, Heather Daly-Donofrio, shares with our coaches the goals and opportunities the new National Team Program will be striving for as the program ramps up over the next few years. Dr. Beth Brown, the USGA's Senior Player Development Advisor, joins Heather for this presentation at Proponent Group Summit '23.

Resumes and Cover Letters that Get You the Interview

The goal of your resume and cover letter are to create enough interest in your skills and confidence in your passion for teaching to get you to the interview stage. Proponent Founder Lorin Anderson shares keys to making your resume and cover letter stand out. Over the years he has reviewed and edited hundreds of Proponent member coach resumes and he knows what generally works and what doesn't. Check out this short webinar before you apply for your next job.

Fore the Future: The Benefits of Hosting Learning and Development Opportunities for Your Members

Flowcode Academy's Rick Sessinghaus shares the core tenets of how Flowcode helps golfers to better handle pressure on the golf course and in life. He also talks about his ability to visit facilities and conduct in-person events with you and your students.

How to Incorporate Sportsbox AI's Technology Into Your Coaching

Artificial intelligence, and all that this emerging technology can bring to professions and industries across the spectrum, is now part of the golf coaching world. Proponent Group is active in this game-changing phenomenon through our partnership with Sportsbox AI. Lots of great information on the topic and how to incorporate it into your personal teaching style came to light this webinar featuring Ryan Crawley, who is Sportsbox AI’s Director of Education.

How To ... Get More From Your Website with Lorin Anderson

Proponent Group Founder Lorin Anderson, who has helped design dozens of coach websites over the years, shares his keys to making your site more effective. He discusses key content that should be part of every coaches site along with some of the typical mistakes that will drag your site down. Check out this short "How To..." filled with information you need to know before building or upgrading your website.

Speed Training Starts with Your Body - Jeremy James and Justin Leonard

Jeremy James, founder of Golfforever, and 12-time PGA Tour winner Justin Leonard share the keys to adding distance safely in this presentation from the 2023 PGA Show titled: Speed Training Starts with Your Body. James explains how to build body strength to support a faster swing while minimizing the chance for injury.

Becoming a Complete Coach - Mike Malaska

2011 PGA of America National Teacher of the Year, Mike Malaska, returns to the Proponent Group stage with his take on the current state of teaching and coaching in Becoming a Complete Coach. Malaska has concerns that the new generation of coaches are missing critical skills that keep them from being more effective with their students. Few have a stronger passion for teaching the game than does Mike and it shows in this presentation from the 2023 PGA Show.

PG Live - Piers Parnell, Clippd CEO, Episode 032

Piers Parnell, CEO of Clippd joins us on PG Live to talk about the unique way his company is aggregating data to create a unique and more complete look at an individual golfer's performance. The goal is to create a better context for actual performance and to put a clear understanding of that performance at the coaches' and students' fingertips whenever they want it.

Performance Center Design and Technology Trends - Tony Morgan

Tony Morgan of Design2Golf provides a comprehensive look at Performance Center Design and Technology Trends in this presentation from the 2023 PGA Show. Morgan reveals a variety of design challenges and hacks for building indoor training centers and teaching buildings. He also delves into various business models that support indoor training facilities. If you are considering construction and operation of any form of indoor golf facility, this is a must watch.

Business Value of Golf Instruction: Our Industry's Most Undervalued Asset? - Lorin Anderson - Lorin Anderson

Proponent Group Founder Lorin Anderson takes an unprecedented look at the economic value created by quality instruction programs and the coaches who run them. This presentation debuted at the 2023 PGA Show in Orlando.

The Science of deWiz

Proponent Group Partner deWiz shares some of the unique research they have been gathering from both training and in-competition swings from users including Vijay Singh. deWiz co-founder Markus Westerberg and deWiz Head of Customer Success Matt Lawrence join us to explain how the technology works and how our coaches can start using their technology for your coaching and your students' training.

PG Live - Heather Daly-Donofrio Episode 031

The USGA's Heather Daly-Donofrio, a former 2-time LPGA tour winner and former LPGA executive, is our guest. The theme of the evening is “Launching Team USA” and Heather, who spearheads the $40 million program, shares the inside story on developing a USA National Team for golf—including how America’s top coaches can become involved.

How to ... Build a Resume that Gets the Interview

Proponent Group Founder, Lorin Anderson, has spent more than 15 years reviewing and editing our member coaches' resumes. Here he shares the keys for polishing your coaching resume so you have the best change to advance to the interview stage of the job hunt.

PG Live - Vision54 Episode 030

The Vision54 team of Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott visit Proponent Group Live to talk about their unique programs for coaching coaches and how coaches can become more effective by better understanding and training the critical "human skills" that have a huge effect on a golfer's ability to perform on the golf course.

Luttner Financial Webinar

Ryan Hicks from our partner Luttner Financial Group provides solid and practical advice on retirement planning that addresses many of the common issues that small business owners have to address for their financial futures. If you want to educate yourself on the keys to a successful financially-focused retirement plan, this webinar is for you.

PG Live - Andy Hilts Episode 029

This is the second part of two Proponent Group Live's during September Sales Month. Andy Hilts is our guest once again and after focusing on the intricacies of selling instruction programs at a private club in our earlier episode, this presentation is geared towards coaches at public facilities who don't have restrictions on what they can do to build their coaching businesses. Hilts walks viewers through a number of issues that will help a coach understand the strategies necessary for increasing sales while streamlining your overall business practices to save time and energy.

PG Live - Andy Hilts Episode 028

Sales expert and PGA Master Professional in Instruction, Andy Hilts, once again shares his expertise with Proponent Group members on growing your coaching business. Here he takes an insiders look at how teachers at private clubs should position and sell their coaching programs. Lots of general selling strategy is included so every Proponent Group member will learn something new. Recorded in September 2022 as part of our September Sales Month focus.

How To...Use Instagram in Your Coaching Business

Award-winning instructor Erika Larkin has built a solid marketing enterprise for her teaching business on Instagram and she knows all the tricks of the trade for growing and engaging her golfer-filled audience. Here is a 20-minute Q&A with Erika where she explains how she uses the platform and how you can better take advantage of Instagram for your coaching business.

How to Retain Great Employees - Dean Kandle

Golf Business Network's Dean Kandle delivers a crisp and convincing explanation of why the golf industry struggles to effectively manage and keep its best employees. Anyone who manages additional instructors should watch this outstanding step-by-step guide to retaining your staff. Recorded at the 2022 PGA Show in Orlando.

PG Live - Preston Combs Episode 027

Inside the Garage with Preston's Putting takes a look at how one of Golf Digest's Best Young Teachers in America has quickly built a successful putting-only coaching business. In this interview Combs talks about how he structures his business, how he outfitted his garage to accommodate his instruction and his key principles for teaching the flatstick. Recorded on June 7, 2022.

How To ... Make It Onto the Top Teacher Lists

Proponent Group Founder, Lorin Anderson, created the original Top 100 Teachers list at GOLF Magazine back in 1996. Today these top teacher lists include Best in State, Best Young, Top Women Teachers, Best UK Teachers, Best Junior Coaches and many more. The lists created by the major golf magazines are the most respected and have the largest audience. They matter because they are a 3rd party endorsement and bring enhanced credibility to the coach. In this How To... Lorin shares some of the tips to increase your likelihood of making it onto the primary magazine lists.

PG Live - Eric Alpenfels Episode 026

The Modern Golf School is a mainstay of Pinehurst Resort's instruction programming and has been headed up for nearly 30 years by Golf Digest Top 50 Best Teacher Eric Alpenfels. Eric joins us to talk about his keys to delivering a great golf school experience and how to effectively conduct group instruction in general. In this episode we talk about how Eric designs a variety of golf school programs for Pinehurst's clientele. We also discuss Eric's 25 years of research with Dr. Bob Christina from UNC-Greensboro and how their learnings about training methods, drill effectiveness and other studies have informed how Eric runs his group instruction.

Getting the Most Out of Your Golf Performance Center - Jason Baile and Adam Smith

Jason Baile, Director of Instruction at Jupiter Hills in Tequesta, FL and Adam Smith, Director of Instruction at CC of Virginia in Richmond, VA share their ideas for Getting the Most Out of Your Golf Performance Center. They should know as they operate out of two of the finest teaching buildings ever constructed. Anyone with a teaching building or considering building one should pay attention to this presentation (and the photos are pretty awesome too) Recorded at the 2022 PGA Show in Orlando.

How I Engage and Train Junior Golfers - David Ogrin

PGA Tour winner David Ogrin has developed into one of the game's top teachers and recently purchased a driving range near San Antonio. His facility has quickly become the "go to" place for the areas juniors to learn the game and many of his juniors are winning competitions all over Texas. Here David explains how he engages new juniors in the game and how he is using his wisdom from 20 seasons on the PGA Tour to develop competitive juniors. Recorded at the 2022 PGA Show in Orlando.

How to Create a Golfer - Ryan Dailey and Matt Reagan

The co-founders of Operation 36, Ryan Dailey and Matt Reagan, present the results of their 10-plus years studying how a golfer is born into the game and then retained to become a golfer for life. For anyone who coaches beginners you must understand these principles of creation and retainment that allow someone to get into the game and become a golfer for life. No-one understands this better than these two Proponent Group members. Recorded at the 2022 PGA Show in Orlando.

PG Live - Iain Highfield Episode 025

Iain Highfield, Director of Kohr Academy near Boston, Massachusetts, discusses the research around training techniques that deliver better results in Supercharge Your Coaching: Rethinking Your Students' Practice Time. Highfield has made a career in specializing in sports psychology and effective golf practice and shares some of the keys he has learned that will accelerate your students' ability to take their skills onto the course.

How To... Deliver Great Customer Service

How To... Deliver Great Customer Service takes a look at where quality service can grow your business and where lousy service can harm your business. Mike Kelly, Managing Partner at 59club provides the insights from his decades managing at top golf facilities including The Boulders and Reynolds Lake Oconee. His current position oversees customer service training and review at more than 200 golf facilities across the United States. Many coaches underplay the value of providing great customer service. Don't make this mistake as Mike explains how to up your game when it comes to taking care of your students.

How To... Use Payment Processing to Improve your Business

Niles Crum is President of CardConnect Tyler and has been helping Proponent Group coaches with their credit card processing needs for more than a decade. His company provides a variety of payment processing solutions at highly competitive rates that have saved some of our members thousands of dollars in processing fees while providing very reliable service. In this 25 minute interview he explains everything a coach needs to understand about accepting credit card payments and he explains how accepting credit cards can help to grow your business.

Rethinking the Golf Professional's Role - Player Development Professionals Create a Win-Win-Win

Our panel of Ian James from Retail Tribe, Matt Anzelone from Club Corp and Mark Gore from Club Corp share the amazing results they have seen by deploying Player Development Professionals at Club Corp facilities across the country. The result of this data-driven change in how golf professionals/coaches interact with a club's membership have been staggering to the point where Club Corp is rolling out Player Development Professionals to every one of their 160 golf clubs nationwide by the end of 2022. Watch and see why this is a win for the coach, a win for the student and a win for the facility. Recorded at the 2022 PGA Show in Orlando.

GOLFFOREVER Fitness Tips and Guidance for Golf Coaches

Dr. Jeremy James, DC, CSCS, founder/CEO of Projectforever explains to coaches critical fitness guidance for working with golfers of various age groups. No matter how you teach the golf swing, the fundamentals of fitness are the same and apply to everyone. Dr. James discusses six critical areas affecting golf-related fitness: 1. Stability; 2. Mobility/Flexibility; 3. Rotational/Anti-Rotational Strength; 4. Balance; 5. Coordination/Agility and 6. Symmetry in the Body.

Keep It External The Science Behind Effective Coaching Cues - John Dunigan

John Dunigan is one of the game's top coaching specialists. Golf Magazine calls him one of the Top 100 Teachers in America. Here he shares the importance of using external cues to coach students to higher levels of improvement. This memorable and entertaining presentation is a must watch for every golf coach. Recorded at the 2022 PGA Show in Orlando.

How To... Grow Your Business with a New Student Assessment with Andy Hilts

In this short video, Andy Hilts advises Proponent Group members on best practices for using a New Student Assessment to grow your business.

PG Live - Kate Tempesta Episode 024

Kate Tempesta is the founder of Urban Golf Academy and also Birdie Basics. She is a renowned expert on early childhood golf development and a favorite presenter on the subject throughout the coaching industry. Her simple goal: "Creating an empowering, child centric, playful learning environment and watching children shine." This episode is titled An Educator's View of Coaching Junior Golfers and Kate delivers a variety of tips and key to success when teaching the youngest among us how to play golf. Recorded 2-22-22.

Top Trends in Golf Instruction in 2022 - Lorin Anderson

Proponent Group's Founder and President, Lorin Anderson, gets to see the golf coaching world both down in the weeds and from the 30,000 foot view every day as he consults our coach members and works with various industry leaders. Here he shares the trends that he believes are already affecting or will soon affect golf coaches. These are his Top Trends in Golf Instruction in 2022. Recorded at the 2022 PGA Show in Orlando.

Supercharge Your Boring Range into a Training Center - Anderson and Bender

Mike Bender and Cheryl Anderson, two of America's 50 Best Teachers according to Golf Digest, share their insights for turning boring practice facilities into extraordinary training centers. The Mike Bender Golf Academy in Lake Mary, FL is one of the finest training centers ever created for improving golf games. Join Mike and Cheryl as they give you a tour of their facilities. Recorded at the 2022 PGA Show in Orlando.

How To... Properly Insure Your Teaching Business

In a very straight-forward 10 minute interview, insurance expert and PGA Professional Byron Shultz explains all the key issues you need to understand when insuring your instruction business.

PG Live - Devan Bonebrake Episode 023

Devan Bonebrake is included among the top Young Teachers in America list published by Golf Digest and he has been a Proponent Group member for nearly a decade. In this episode of Proponent Group Live we talk to Devan about building a modern coaching brand. Devan teaches at a private club, owns an academy at a driving range and recently added an indoor teaching facility all in Southern California. He's also the host of The Golf Fix on Golf Channel and GolfPass. In this episode he talks about how he has built his business and the critical keys to his success.

How To... Make Sure You are Found Online - Nash Hadi

How To Make Sure You are Found Online focuses on the little tricks to making sure your teaching business is easily findable. Our guest, Nash Hadi of web design/host service Imavex, knows how you can make yourself more visible to search engines and golfers who may be looking for your services.

PG Live - Rick Sessinghaus Episode 022

Rick Sessinghaus, long-time coach to Collin Morikawa and expert on the mental game skills that matter most in competition, joins us to talk about The Coaching Journey he has been on for the past three decades and what you can learn from his research into athletic performance. This turned out to be a great conversation with one of the top coaches in the game today. It is a must watch in the Proponent Group presentation archive.

How To ... Create Great Photography for your Business

Dave Allen has spent more than 20 years making golf coaches look great in photography for the world's top golf publications. Here he explains the keys to creating professional quality images of you and your teaching business. If you want to make a great first impression, quality photography plays a big role.

How to... Travel with Students for Fun and Profit

Brian Jacobs has taken his students on dozens of trips and on How To... Travel with Students for Fun and Profit he shares his secrets to success when taking on the responsibility for making sure the trip turns out great for everyone involved while being profitable for the professional.

PG Live - Derek Hooper Episode 021

Derek Hooper, Dir. of Instruction at Royal Oaks CC in Houston, TX, joins us to talk about Coaching at a High-End Private Club. About 40 percent of our members work at private clubs and here we discuss the pros and cons of being an employee. We also get into keys for protecting your job when working in a club environment. If you work for a private facility or are considering taking a job at a private club for the first time, Derek's interview is worth your time.

PG Live - Richard Franklin Episode 020

Discover Golf's Richard Franklin is one of the most dynamic thinkers in golf instruction today, especially with juniors where his programming is used by more than 300 golf facilities worldwide and more than half-a-million young golfers. Franklin uses a game-play based coaching philosophy to engage children in golf in a way that they typically become golfers for life. Franklin runs his programs at Deerpath Golf Course in Lake Forest, IL in the summers and at The Desert Mountain Club in Scottsdale, AZ in the winters.

Lorin's State of the Industry for October 2021

This month Lorin visits Nashville for the LPGA's National Conference and talks with Proponent members about how they are holding up during the pandemic rush. Many are running out of steam after more than a year of non-stop teaching. Lorin shares a few ideas on how to better cope going forward.

PG Live - Trillium Rose Episode 019

Golf Digest Top 50 Best Teacher, Trillium Rose, joins us to talk about what goes into The Modern Teaching Professional. She offers insights into motor learning as she has a formal education in the science behind skill acquisition. She also explains how she grows her business through social media and shares her ideas on how the PGA and LPGA can best support their coach members.

PG Live - Andy Hilts Episode 018

Andy Hilts is the top sales trainer for golf coaches in our industry and has helped numerous Proponent Group members understand how effective sales strategies and techniques will make your teaching business operate more efficiently and increase your revenues. This episode of PG Live dives into all of the main components of effective selling of golf instruction. Learn and use these concepts and your business will undoubtedly grow.

Lorin's State of the Industry for September 2021

This month Lorin shines a light on September Sales Month at Proponent Group. For the first time ever, Proponent is creating a month long focus on a single topic. One that we believe can be transformative to your business when you understand and implement the basic techniques in our new Instructor's Guide to Selling Long-Term Coaching Programs. For the details, watch this four minute video.

Special Report: Player Development Professional Positions. Are They a Good Fit for Your Career?

Special Report: An inside look at ClubCorp's new Player Development Professional positions that are being rolled out across their golf course portfolio. Ian James, ClubCorp consultant, and Matt Angelone, ClubCorp Regional VP join Lorin Anderson to explain why the company is moving in this direction, how it differs from a traditional Teaching Professional position and who may be a good fit to take on these jobs that are a mix of teaching, playing and member engagement.

PG Live - Jon Tattersall Episode 017

Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Jon Tattersall has a strong entreprenuerial spirit and has not been afraid to build his coaching business in a variety of ways that others have not. He has had significant success providing golf experiences and coaching to the corporate world and he was one of the first to build a coaching and fitness business in a major urban office tower 15 years ago. In this episode of PG Live Jon goes into detail on how he built his unconventional coaching career by taking a road less traveled for out industry. If you are an independent contractor or have dreams of building your own coaching operation, this is a must watch.

PG Live - Martin Hall Episode 016

Martin Hall is one of the most well-known golf coaches in the world thanks to his 11 year run as host of School of Golf on Golf Channel and his consistent inclusion on virtually every list of top teachers. His 40 years of growth in the industry is a testament to his ability to create opportunities for himself all along the way. He discusses how he built his career and talks about the state of teaching today in this candid conversation filmed in August 2021.

Lorin's State of the Industry for August 2021

Now is the Perfect Time to Increase Your Retirement Savings with Minimal Financial Pain This month Lorin explains how the booming golf market makes this the perfect time to boost your retirement savings. For most of our members your retirement planning is all on your shoulders and the earlier and better you prepare, the easier it will be to live the lifestyle you want later in life. Check out this month's four-minute video.

Lorin's State of the Industry for July 2021

Lorin's monthly update for July 2021 on the state of the industry exclusively for our member coaches. This month he examines 5 management keys that will help your coaching business to thrive in uncertain and changing times.

PG Live - SwingU's Charles Cox Episode 015

Taking Your Coaching Business Online is the topic as Charles Cox, CEO of SwingU joins us for Proponent Group Live. Cox and SwingU have built a significant presence in the coaching space with their SwingU Academy App and their access to millions of golfers in their marketing and media operations. Cox explains how coaches can leverage the online space to grow their coaching businesses. Recorded June 2021.

Lorin's State of the Industry for June 2021

Feeling overworked during the Covid bump? Lorin's State of the Industry for June explains why being a "Slacker" could pay big dividends for your coaching business. Learn why with this 4 minute video.

PG Live - Gale Peterson Episode 014

Gale Peterson, based at the Sea Island Golf Performance Center, is one of the best in the business at conducting playing lessons and in this presentation she shared a treasure trove of ideas for making your playing lessons better than ever. If you take students on course then this is a must watch Proponent Group Live.

PG Live - Will Robins Episode 013

Will Robins, owner of WR Golf Coaching in Folsom, CA and RGX which has trained hundreds of instructors in the art and business of coaching groups, joins PG Live to talk about how busy coaches can expand their student base and double their income by shifting to more group coaching programming. This show was filmed during the Covid-19 pandemic when many of our members where struggling to keep up with the volume of lesson requests coming in. Will is a brilliant coach and one of the sharpest businesspeople in golf instruction. You will learn a lot from this discussion that could forever change the way you structure your time.

Lorin's State of the Industry 5-21

This month Lorin explains how two words should be on your mind right now: Splurge and Save. He explains why your effectiveness leveraging each will have a big effect on your finances as the rest of 2021 unfolds.

PG Live - Dr. Paul Schempp Episode 012

Dr. Paul Schempp joins us to talk about Developing Expert Teaching Skills. Dr. Schempp ran the University of Georgia's Sport Instruction Research Lab, the only academic lab in the country that studied how sports are taught. He is also a consultant to coaching organizations around the world including Olympic committees in various countries, the NBA, LPGA, PGA of America and many others. Here he talks about the skill set that all teachers /coaches must develop to become true experts at their craft.

PG Live - Tim Cutshall Episode 011

Tim Cutshall is the undisputed leader in designing and outfitting indoor teaching spaces. Over nearly 30 years he has installed nearly 1,000 bays and helped nearly 100 D1 Schools with their golf training centers. On this episode we talk about current trends in indoor teaching technology and how a coach can optimize their indoor teaching space. Here he shares photos of some of his favorite projects and explains many of the keys to building a truly functional space to teach in.

Lorin's State of the Industry for April 2021

A look at how the post-pandemic world could benefit your teaching business as we are likely to see leisure time increase as commuting, office hours and work weeks are compressed or reduced and how to prepare your teaching business for the opportunity that is coming.

PG Live - John Weir and Kiel Alderink Episode 010

John Weir, Founder of Mental Golf Type, and Kiel Alderink, Operating Partner in the venture, join Proponent Group Live to discuss how understanding the 16 mental golf types and which of those types your student embodies can have a huge impact on your ability to successfully coach. Mental Golf Type is based on mental testing used by thousands of corporations around the globe. The focus is on understanding how an individual best manages their energy levels and stress levels when there is a consequence to their actions.

Lorin's State of the Industry - March 2021

This month Lorin takes a look at 10 of the most valuable highlights from the new 2021 Proponent Group Compensation and Operations Survey. #1 Revenues #2 Pricing #3 Teaching Time #4 Management Companies #5 Moving Indoors #6 Remote Learning #7 Teaching Tech #8 Overscheduled? #9 Marketing Emails #10 Socially Speaking

PG Live - David Ogrin Episode 008

PGA Tour Winner David Ogrin has transformed from world class player into an instructor who also has taken on leasing a driving range. In this episode we talk to David from his range in New Braunfels, TX about his 20 years on Tour, his transformation into a top coach and his decision to take on operating a facility. We cover a lot of ground and it is a fascinating conversation about competing, building a business, teaching influences and much more.

Lorin's State of the Industry - February 2021

Lorin takes a look at how coaches can improve their odds of making the Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher list or the Golf Digest Top 50 Best Teachers list.

PG Live - Eric Eshleman Episode OO7

Eric Eshleman, Director of Golf at the CC of Birmingham and 2019 PGA of America Professional of the Year joins us on Proponent Group Live to talk about the Keys to Success for Private Club Instruction. Eric teaches 30 hours a week while running the golf operation at one of the top clubs in the country. Our conversation is a masterclass in team building and programming for private club teachers.

PG Live - Ask Me Anything (Anderson) Episode 006

This is the first of what we hope will turn into a monthly "Ask Me Anything" session of Proponent Group Live. Proponent Group's Lorin Anderson shares his thoughts on key issues facing our member coaches in 2021 and how to leverage the current opportunities he is seeing. He also takes members' questions on any topic relevant to their teaching business. Recorded on 1-21-21

PG Live - Peter Egazarian Episode 005

Proponent Group Live interviews Peter Egazarian, Founder and Director of Performance of the Northeast Performance Institute. He is one of the game's leading young coaches having recently been named to Golf Digest's Best Young Teachers in America list. Our main topic is Building a Multi-Facility, Multi-Sport Performance Business. The conversation focuses on NPI's growing success in New England in both golf and baseball coaching and training with more sports in the works. Recorded 1-19-21.

PG Live - Dr. Rick Jensen Episode 004

Dr. Rick Jensen is a pioneer in the realm of long-term coaching programs for golfers. In this Proponent Group Live he explains Why Coaching Programs are More Valuable than Ever. If you're not already offering long-term coaching program options, this is a must watch presentation as long-term coaching when done well is a win for the student and a win for the coach and allows you to generate more income in less time on the practice tee.

PG Live - Andy Hilts Episode 003

Andy Hilts, the premier sales and programming consultant for golf coaches, joins Proponent Group Live to share his wealth of knowledge to help you fine tune your program menu in an effort to attract more students and grow your business. Recorded on 12-15-20.

PG Live - Mike ODonnell Episode 002

The PGA of America's Senior Director of Coaching and Player Development, Mike O’Donnell, joined Proponent Group Live to discuss how the PGA is ramping up programs to assist coaches. He covered a variety of topics including the American Development Model, the expansion of, ways to increase your value to your facility, key business data every coach should be tracking and how coaching positions will likely change in the future. Recorded 12-1-20.

PG Live - Matt Reagan Episode 001

Matt Reagan joins host Lorin Anderson in our very first Proponent Group Live to discuss "How to Create Lifelong Golfers." Matt is co-founder of Operation 36, one of the most successful new golfer training programs ever to hit the golf industry. Matt shares his unique insights into the process necessary to take someone from their first visit to a driving range to becoming a golfer for life. It's a tricky process that most golf coaches don't fully understand or appreciate. Episode recorded on 11-17-20

Lorin's State of the Industry January 2021

Proponent Group Founder Lorin Anderson provides his monthly commentary on what Proponent Group coaches should be working on now. This month Lorin discusses three things that it's time for now: 1.) It's Time to Raise Your Rates. 2.) It's Time to Remain Vigilant and 3.) It's Time to Start Collecting your Business Data. Details are in the video. Published 1-12-21.

Lorin's State of the Industry - December 2020

Founder Lorin Anderson delivers his State of the Industry for December 2020 talking about the critical importance of having an effective gateway product to entice new students.

The Power of Precision Breathing

Neuropeak Pro's Director of Golf Performance, Andy Matthews, explains how proper breathing habits and the monitoring of these breathing habits can assist in higher levels of both on- and off-course performance for any individual. Neuropeak Pro's training monitor is used by more than 60 Touring professionals.