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Lorin's State of the Industry for October 2021

This month Lorin visits Nashville for the LPGA's National Conference and talks with Proponent members about how they are holding up during the pandemic rush. Many are running out of steam after more than a year of non-stop teaching. Lorin shares a few ideas on how to better cope going forward.

PG Live - Trillium Rose Episode 019

Golf Digest Top 50 Best Teacher, Trillium Rose, joins us to talk about what goes into The Modern Teaching Professional. She offers insights into motor learning as she has a formal education in the science behind skill acquisition. She also explains how she grows her business through social media and shares her ideas on how the PGA and LPGA can best support their coach members.

PG Live - Andy Hilts Episode 018

Andy Hilts is the top sales trainer for golf coaches in our industry and has helped numerous Proponent Group members understand how effective sales strategies and techniques will make your teaching business operate more efficiently and increase your revenues. This episode of PG Live dives into all of the main components of effective selling of golf instruction. Learn and use these concepts and your business will undoubtedly grow.

Lorin's State of the Industry for September 2021

This month Lorin shines a light on September Sales Month at Proponent Group. For the first time ever, Proponent is creating a month long focus on a single topic. One that we believe can be transformative to your business when you understand and implement the basic techniques in our new Instructor's Guide to Selling Long-Term Coaching Programs. For the details, watch this four minute video.

Special Report: Player Development Professional Positions. Are They a Good Fit for Your Career?

Special Report: An inside look at ClubCorp's new Player Development Professional positions that are being rolled out across their golf course portfolio. Ian James, ClubCorp consultant, and Matt Angelone, ClubCorp Regional VP join Lorin Anderson to explain why the company is moving in this direction, how it differs from a traditional Teaching Professional position and who may be a good fit to take on these jobs that are a mix of teaching, playing and member engagement.

PG Live - Jon Tattersall Episode 017

Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Jon Tattersall has a strong entreprenuerial spirit and has not been afraid to build his coaching business in a variety of ways that others have not. He has had significant success providing golf experiences and coaching to the corporate world and he was one of the first to build a coaching and fitness business in a major urban office tower 15 years ago. In this episode of PG Live Jon goes into detail on how he built his unconventional coaching career by taking a road less traveled for out industry. If you are an independent contractor or have dreams of building your own coaching operation, this is a must watch.

PG Live - Martin Hall Episode 016

Martin Hall is one of the most well-known golf coaches in the world thanks to his 11 year run as host of School of Golf on Golf Channel and his consistent inclusion on virtually every list of top teachers. His 40 years of growth in the industry is a testament to his ability to create opportunities for himself all along the way. He discusses how he built his career and talks about the state of teaching today in this candid conversation filmed in August 2021.

Lorin's State of the Industry for August 2021

Now is the Perfect Time to Increase Your Retirement Savings with Minimal Financial Pain This month Lorin explains how the booming golf market makes this the perfect time to boost your retirement savings. For most of our members your retirement planning is all on your shoulders and the earlier and better you prepare, the easier it will be to live the lifestyle you want later in life. Check out this month's four-minute video.

Lorin's State of the Industry for July 2021

Lorin's monthly update for July 2021 on the state of the industry exclusively for our member coaches. This month he examines 5 management keys that will help your coaching business to thrive in uncertain and changing times.

PG Live - SwingU's Charles Cox Episode 015

Taking Your Coaching Business Online is the topic as Charles Cox, CEO of SwingU joins us for Proponent Group Live. Cox and SwingU have built a significant presence in the coaching space with their SwingU Academy App and their access to millions of golfers in their marketing and media operations. Cox explains how coaches can leverage the online space to grow their coaching businesses. Recorded June 2021.

Lorin's State of the Industry for June 2021

Feeling overworked during the Covid bump? Lorin's State of the Industry for June explains why being a "Slacker" could pay big dividends for your coaching business. Learn why with this 4 minute video.

PG Live - Gale Peterson Episode 014

Gale Peterson, based at the Sea Island Golf Performance Center, is one of the best in the business at conducting playing lessons and in this presentation she shared a treasure trove of ideas for making your playing lessons better than ever. If you take students on course then this is a must watch Proponent Group Live.

PG Live - Will Robins Episode 013

Will Robins, owner of WR Golf Coaching in Folsom, CA and RGX which has trained hundreds of instructors in the art and business of coaching groups, joins PG Live to talk about how busy coaches can expand their student base and double their income by shifting to more group coaching programming. This show was filmed during the Covid-19 pandemic when many of our members where struggling to keep up with the volume of lesson requests coming in. Will is a brilliant coach and one of the sharpest businesspeople in golf instruction. You will learn a lot from this discussion that could forever change the way you structure your time.

Lorin's State of the Industry 5-21

This month Lorin explains how two words should be on your mind right now: Splurge and Save. He explains why your effectiveness leveraging each will have a big effect on your finances as the rest of 2021 unfolds.

PG Live - Dr. Paul Schempp Episode 012

Dr. Paul Schempp joins us to talk about Developing Expert Teaching Skills. Dr. Schempp ran the University of Georgia's Sport Instruction Research Lab, the only academic lab in the country that studied how sports are taught. He is also a consultant to coaching organizations around the world including Olympic committees in various countries, the NBA, LPGA, PGA of America and many others. Here he talks about the skill set that all teachers /coaches must develop to become true experts at their craft.

PG Live - Tim Cutshall Episode 011

Tim Cutshall is the undisputed leader in designing and outfitting indoor teaching spaces. Over nearly 30 years he has installed nearly 1,000 bays and helped nearly 100 D1 Schools with their golf training centers. On this episode we talk about current trends in indoor teaching technology and how a coach can optimize their indoor teaching space. Here he shares photos of some of his favorite projects and explains many of the keys to building a truly functional space to teach in.

Lorin's State of the Industry for April 2021

A look at how the post-pandemic world could benefit your teaching business as we are likely to see leisure time increase as commuting, office hours and work weeks are compressed or reduced and how to prepare your teaching business for the opportunity that is coming.

PG Live - John Weir and Kiel Alderink Episode 010

John Weir, Founder of Mental Golf Type, and Kiel Alderink, Operating Partner in the venture, join Proponent Group Live to discuss how understanding the 16 mental golf types and which of those types your student embodies can have a huge impact on your ability to successfully coach. Mental Golf Type is based on mental testing used by thousands of corporations around the globe. The focus is on understanding how an individual best manages their energy levels and stress levels when there is a consequence to their actions.

PG Live - Mark Blackburn Episode 009

2020 PGA of America National Teacher of the Year Mark Blackburn joins us on this episode of Proponent Group Live. He discusses how he developed his teaching process and his business process for his very successful academy in Birmingham, AL and he shares ideas for how you can develop your teaching and business processes. We cover a lot of topics in this wide ranging interview including how he works with his Tour players, why we need more fun in the game, what he looks for when hiring coaches, how he uses distance learning, where technology is heading next for golf instruction and much more. It's a great discussion from one of the top coaches in the game today that you will want to hear. Recorded March 30, 2021.

Lorin's State of the Industry - March 2021

This month Lorin takes a look at 10 of the most valuable highlights from the new 2021 Proponent Group Compensation and Operations Survey. #1 Revenues #2 Pricing #3 Teaching Time #4 Management Companies #5 Moving Indoors #6 Remote Learning #7 Teaching Tech #8 Overscheduled? #9 Marketing Emails #10 Socially Speaking

PG Live - David Ogrin Episode 008

PGA Tour Winner David Ogrin has transformed from world class player into an instructor who also has taken on leasing a driving range. In this episode we talk to David from his range in New Braunfels, TX about his 20 years on Tour, his transformation into a top coach and his decision to take on operating a facility. We cover a lot of ground and it is a fascinating conversation about competing, building a business, teaching influences and much more.

Lorin's State of the Industry - February 2021

Lorin takes a look at how coaches can improve their odds of making the Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher list or the Golf Digest Top 50 Best Teachers list.

PG Live - Eric Eshleman Episode OO7

Eric Eshleman, Director of Golf at the CC of Birmingham and 2019 PGA of America Professional of the Year joins us on Proponent Group Live to talk about the Keys to Success for Private Club Instruction. Eric teaches 30 hours a week while running the golf operation at one of the top clubs in the country. Our conversation is a masterclass in team building and programming for private club teachers.

PG Live - Ask Me Anything (Anderson) Episode 006

This is the first of what we hope will turn into a monthly "Ask Me Anything" session of Proponent Group Live. Proponent Group's Lorin Anderson shares his thoughts on key issues facing our member coaches in 2021 and how to leverage the current opportunities he is seeing. He also takes members' questions on any topic relevant to their teaching business. Recorded on 1-21-21

PG Live - Peter Egazarian Episode 005

Proponent Group Live interviews Peter Egazarian, Founder and Director of Performance of the Northeast Performance Institute. He is one of the game's leading young coaches having recently been named to Golf Digest's Best Young Teachers in America list. Our main topic is Building a Multi-Facility, Multi-Sport Performance Business. The conversation focuses on NPI's growing success in New England in both golf and baseball coaching and training with more sports in the works. Recorded 1-19-21.

PG Live - Dr. Rick Jensen Episode 004

Dr. Rick Jensen is a pioneer in the realm of long-term coaching programs for golfers. In this Proponent Group Live he explains Why Coaching Programs are More Valuable than Ever. If you're not already offering long-term coaching program options, this is a must watch presentation as long-term coaching when done well is a win for the student and a win for the coach and allows you to generate more income in less time on the practice tee.

PG Live - Andy Hilts Episode 003

Andy Hilts, the premier sales and programming consultant for golf coaches, joins Proponent Group Live to share his wealth of knowledge to help you fine tune your program menu in an effort to attract more students and grow your business. Recorded on 12-15-20.

PG Live - Mike ODonnell Episode 002

The PGA of America's Senior Director of Coaching and Player Development, Mike O’Donnell, joined Proponent Group Live to discuss how the PGA is ramping up programs to assist coaches. He covered a variety of topics including the American Development Model, the expansion of, ways to increase your value to your facility, key business data every coach should be tracking and how coaching positions will likely change in the future. Recorded 12-1-20.

PG Live - Matt Reagan Episode 001

Matt Reagan joins host Lorin Anderson in our very first Proponent Group Live to discuss "How to Create Lifelong Golfers." Matt is co-founder of Operation 36, one of the most successful new golfer training programs ever to hit the golf industry. Matt shares his unique insights into the process necessary to take someone from their first visit to a driving range to becoming a golfer for life. It's a tricky process that most golf coaches don't fully understand or appreciate. Episode recorded on 11-17-20

Lorin's State of the Industry January 2021

Proponent Group Founder Lorin Anderson provides his monthly commentary on what Proponent Group coaches should be working on now. This month Lorin discusses three things that it's time for now: 1.) It's Time to Raise Your Rates. 2.) It's Time to Remain Vigilant and 3.) It's Time to Start Collecting your Business Data. Details are in the video. Published 1-12-21.

Lorin's State of the Industry - December 2020

Founder Lorin Anderson delivers his State of the Industry for December 2020 talking about the critical importance of having an effective gateway product to entice new students.