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PG Live - David Ogrin Episode 008

PGA Tour Winner David Ogrin has transformed from world class player into an instructor who also has taken on leasing a driving range. In this episode we talk to David from his range in New Braunfels, TX about his 20 years on Tour, his transformation into a top coach and his decision to take on operating a facility. We cover a lot of ground and it is a fascinating conversation about competing, building a business, teaching influences and much more.

Lorin's State of the Industry - February 2021

Lorin takes a look at how coaches can improve their odds of making the Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher list or the Golf Digest Top 50 Best Teachers list.

PG Live - Eric Eshleman Episode OO7

Eric Eshleman, Director of Golf at the CC of Birmingham and 2019 PGA of America Professional of the Year joins us on Proponent Group Live to talk about the Keys to Success for Private Club Instruction. Eric teaches 30 hours a week while running the golf operation at one of the top clubs in the country. Our conversation is a masterclass in team building and programming for private club teachers.

PG Live - Ask Me Anything (Anderson) Episode 006

This is the first of what we hope will turn into a monthly "Ask Me Anything" session of Proponent Group Live. Proponent Group's Lorin Anderson shares his thoughts on key issues facing our member coaches in 2021 and how to leverage the current opportunities he is seeing. He also takes members' questions on any topic relevant to their teaching business. Recorded on 1-21-21

PG Live - Peter Egazarian Episode 005

Proponent Group Live interviews Peter Egazarian, Founder and Director of Performance of the Northeast Performance Institute. He is one of the game's leading young coaches having recently been named to Golf Digest's Best Young Teachers in America list. Our main topic is Building a Multi-Facility, Multi-Sport Performance Business. The conversation focuses on NPI's growing success in New England in both golf and baseball coaching and training with more sports in the works. Recorded 1-19-21.

PG Live - Dr. Rick Jensen Episode 004

Dr. Rick Jensen is a pioneer in the realm of long-term coaching programs for golfers. In this Proponent Group Live he explains Why Coaching Programs are More Valuable than Ever. If you're not already offering long-term coaching program options, this is a must watch presentation as long-term coaching when done well is a win for the student and a win for the coach and allows you to generate more income in less time on the practice tee.

PG Live - Andy Hilts Episode 003

Andy Hilts, the premier sales and programming consultant for golf coaches, joins Proponent Group Live to share his wealth of knowledge to help you fine tune your program menu in an effort to attract more students and grow your business. Recorded on 12-15-20.

PG Live - Mike ODonnell Episode 002

The PGA of America's Senior Director of Coaching and Player Development, Mike O’Donnell, joined Proponent Group Live to discuss how the PGA is ramping up programs to assist coaches. He covered a variety of topics including the American Development Model, the expansion of, ways to increase your value to your facility, key business data every coach should be tracking and how coaching positions will likely change in the future. Recorded 12-1-20.

PG Live - Matt Reagan Episode 001

Matt Reagan joins host Lorin Anderson in our very first Proponent Group Live to discuss "How to Create Lifelong Golfers." Matt is co-founder of Operation 36, one of the most successful new golfer training programs ever to hit the golf industry. Matt shares his unique insights into the process necessary to take someone from their first visit to a driving range to becoming a golfer for life. It's a tricky process that most golf coaches don't fully understand or appreciate. Episode recorded on 11-17-20

Lorin's State of the Industry January 2021

Proponent Group Founder Lorin Anderson provides his monthly commentary on what Proponent Group coaches should be working on now. This month Lorin discusses three things that it's time for now: 1.) It's Time to Raise Your Rates. 2.) It's Time to Remain Vigilant and 3.) It's Time to Start Collecting your Business Data. Details are in the video. Published 1-12-21.

Lorin's State of the Industry - December 2020

Founder Lorin Anderson delivers his State of the Industry for December 2020 talking about the critical importance of having an effective gateway product to entice new students.