Golf Fitness

GOLFFOREVER Fitness Tips and Guidance for Golf Coaches

Dr. Jeremy James, DC, CSCS, founder/CEO of Projectforever explains to coaches critical fitness guidance for working with golfers of various age groups. No matter how you teach the golf swing, the fundamentals of fitness are the same and apply to everyone. Dr. James discusses six critical areas affecting golf-related fitness: 1. Stability; 2. Mobility/Flexibility; 3. Rotational/Anti-Rotational Strength; 4. Balance; 5. Coordination/Agility and 6. Symmetry in the Body.

Dr. Greg Rose - Power Development for Golf

During the 2018 PGA Show Dr. Greg Rose takes on his favorite topic: POWER. Dispelling the myth that you can just putt well and lead the money list on the PGA Tour Dr. Rose shares the value of building speed. While building speed at a young age is key, there is still hope for our older students if you train the way Dr. Rose prescribes.

Mark Blackburn and Jon Tattersall - Understanding Functional Movement in Golf Skills, Part 1

Mark Blackburn and Jon Tattersall - Understanding Functional Movement in Golf Skills, Part 2

Rod Cook and Dr. Troy Van Biezen - Injury Prevention/Performance Improvement

2010 AMF Summit presentation at Four Seasons Resort in Dallas, TX

David Donatucci and John Scheffler - Bridging the Body/Swing Gap

Mike Malaska - Adding Fitness to Your Teaching

Mike Malaska speaking at the AMF Golf Instructor Summit 2008 in Pinehurst, NC.

Chuck Wolf - Swing Faults and Functional Solutions

Chuck Wolf is the Director of Human Motion Associates, here in Orlando, Florida, and works extensively with many of the top 50 PGA players in the world and numerous professional baseball players and other high-level athletes. He has emerged as a leader of functional anatomy and biomechanics within the fitness and sports performance industries. This presentation provides a variety of practical solutions and was part of our 2017 PGA Show sessions.

Chuck Wolf - Swing Faults and Functional Solutions (Part II)

Damon Goddard and Tim Mahoney - Increasing Athleticism on the Golf Course through the Training Floor

During the 2018 PGA Show, the duo of Damon and Tim from AMPD Golf Performance (Assess/Move/Perform = A Dynamic Athlete) provided great insight as to how we can increase the lifespan of our golfers. Sharing the evolution of the golfer/athlete will help you understand how to motivate your students, maintain their functionality, keep them injury free and build their athleticism.