Use a Customized Template for Your Monthly Report to Management

May 5, 2021 | News

By David Gould, Content Editor

Any golf coach whose activities are an extension of a public or private golf facility is well advised to communicate with that facility’s decision-makers consistently and professionally. A great way to do that is by utilizing the Monthly Instruction Management Report found on the Proponent website in our “Running Your Business” section. Look under  “Templates and Reports” to find this ready-to-use template. It’s designed to help you deliver a clear and concise monthly report for management meetings at your facility, whether you are in attendance or not.

Prominent consulting firms, including Cirrus Insight, have been advising small businesses to use templates for their communications for some time now. They cite benefits such as “conveying your message more clearly at the soonest time possible,” because you’re never having to start from scratch. Another benefit is readability—the person receiving a template-style report can dive right into it because they’re used to how the information is organized and presented.

These experts speak highly of “modular” templates, which can be “built piece by piece.” Proponent’s template for monthly reporting has just such a modular format, with sections that can be filled in over the course of the 30-day period and completed at the end.

In many ways it’s a tool geared toward taking credit for your ongoing contribution to the operating success of the facility. If you haven’t looked at it recently, you’ll find it’s got a simple format, consisting of four elements:

  • Review of Previous Month’s Actionable Priorities:
  • Instruction Revenues/Volume through end of MONTH:
  • Comments on Revenue/Volume:
  • Actionable Priorities for Next Month:

Get in the habit of using this template and you’ll be able to execute it efficiently and stay proactive with your reporting so that you and your managers will be on the same page when it comes to how you are executing your instruction programs.