Teaching Building Design

For assistance with custom computer hardware, studio cameras, lighting design, indoor turf, netting, wiring and overall design issues, Tim Cutshall, Mark Connell, Neon Shive and your local TrackMan representative have decades of experience handling all of these issues. Your choice of consultant may depend upon the video analysis system you currently use as Cutshall is under contract with V-1 and Connell is the owner of J.C. Video. Shive does a lot of work installing for Swing Catalyst users while also liaising with current TrackMan owners/users. TrackMan offers full Teaching Studio and Indoor Simulator designs that provide an all-inclusive solution to support performance putting, simulated golf and multiple camera video analysis.

Mark Connell

For users of J.C. Video Software

Phone: 801-816-1611

E-mail: markc@jcvideo.com

Tim Cutshall

For users of the v-1 software

Phone: 817-913-7767

E-mail: tim.cutshall@gmail.com

Neon Shive

Phone: 662-832-5610

E-mail: ns@indoortrainingsolutions.com