Salted Smart Insoles

SALTED SMART INSOLES are a wearable tech designed and built for the modern-day athlete. Whether a golfer, runner or fitness enthusiast, SALTED provides real-time pressure tracing performance data. Simply slide the insoles into your existing shoes, connect to the mobile app, and track your posture, balance, and movement data from anywhere you practice, train or play.

With SALTED’s patented pressure sensing technology, a user’s foot pressure, gait pattern, bodyweight imbalance, and muscle movement can be accurately measured and improved. Imagine a pressure plate that fits in your shoe, has the mobility to be used anywhere, at a consumer-friendly price point most can afford.

Proponent Group member pricing per unit is $189.99. This is $40 off the retail price of $229.99.

Proponent Group members also earn a 10 percent affiliate bonus for all units sold that are not Personal Use Discount sales.

All member sales must go through Andy Lerch (see bottom of this page for contact information) or at

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