How Much Revenue Do You Generate for Your Facility? Our New Survey Results Have an Answer

Jun 21, 2022 | News

It had been a decade since we did our last quantitative survey of the impact instruction has on a facility’s revenues. A lot has changed in the world since 2012 and thankfully, the value you create for your employer/facility owner has gone up significantly during that time – even outpacing inflation.

This survey is designed to provide insight into the incremental revenues that benefit a public or private golf facility that can be directly traced back to an individual coach and their instruction programming. The full breakdown by revenue category and by facility type can be found below.

The study was conducted in June 2022 and includes detailed reporting from 42 Proponent Group member coaches divided nearly evenly between private and public facilities. All reported dollar figures included here are annual averages for each group.

Total annual gross sales of instruction programming and lessons provided by the coaches completing the survey averaged $80,328.

For the host facility, there is a 175 percent revenue premium on the coach’s personal earnings: The overall revenues generated for the facility from the instructor completing the survey averaged $142,798. Revenues generated by instruction at private clubs and public facilities was nearly identical ($141,743 at Private versus $143,753 at Public).

In our original 2012 study the results were also very similar between the two subsets with private club coaches reporting generating $92,012, meanwhile public course coaches reported generating $95,630.

The growth in revenues generated outpaced inflation which was a cumulative 28 percent over the past 10 years.

The relatively small sample size for this survey compared to our annual compensation survey results from the difficulty that many coaches have of tracking their students’ spending at the club or course. At this time 50 percent of our members run their revenues through the facility’s POS system. Only 40 percent of the coaches on a facility POS said it can be set up to track student spending and none of the respondents to this survey said their facility is currently tracking spending by the coach’s students. Obviously, better tracking across the industry will be necessary to develop more robust data in the future.

Finally, a huge thank you to our coaches who did some digging and completed this very important survey that helps define your value to your facility management.


Survey Results



Rent or lease payments paid by instructor to facility $2,474 $8,834
Lesson revenue sharing paid to the facility $10,560 $21,762
Clinic, golf school, summer camp and additional group instruction paid to the facility $1,893 $12,543

Clubfitting revenues paid to the facility.

$3,579 $9,929

Club sales revenue booked by facility from fittings done by instructor

$26,579 $43,967

Total additional golf shop purchases including softgoods,gloves, balls, training aids, etc. made by students

$18,132 $6,176

Food and beverage sales directly tied to students who are on site for lessons, golf schools and clinics

$3,737 $4,309

Direct sales of range balls for lessons, golf schools and clinics

$4,368 $4,086

Sales of range memberships/balls to your students (not for lessons)

$0 $2,690

Direct sales of green fees/cart fees purchased by students participating in instruction programs

$263 $7,052

Initiation fees paid over the past year for new club memberships purchased by students who were introduced to the facility through instruction

$35,526 $1,167

Annual dues paid to the facility by students who became members of the facility over the past year

$27,632 $2,762

Spending by corporate or charity events brought to the facility by the instruction staff

$421 $1,333

If your facility has a hotel or housing option, what was the dollar value of rooms booked by students

$6,579 $16,667

Spa/other facility amenity revenues from students

$0 $476


$141,743 $143,753