Exclusive Member Discounts


The following product and service discounts are currently available to Proponent Group members. Use just one or two each year and it can offset your entire investment in your Proponent Group membership.


Blast Motion

Wholesale sensor pricing is $100 per unit for Proponent Group members ($149.95  for consumers) with no minimums. Proponent Group members also receive a 10 percent affiliate revenue share on student profiles within their Blast Connect performance platform. Members may purchase directly from https://go.blastmotion.com/PGBlast using: Code: PGBlast.

Bobby Jones / Sunice

C3 Brands, through it’s Bobby Jones and Sunice apparel lines, provides exclusive personal use discounts to Proponent Group’s members. All product within the electronic catalog are eligible for the Proponent Group discount (excluding accessories). This discount will be 20% off standard wholesale pricing without Bobby Jones or Sunice tour branding; and 40% off standard wholesale with the tour branding applied. NOTE: The 2021 catalog lists prices in retail amounts. In the catalog, wholesale will be 50% off and our Proponent member discount without the Bobby Jones or Sunice tour branding will be 60% off and with the Bobby Jones or Sunice tour branding will be 70% off the catalog’s retail price.

To place your personal order, or for pricing on bulk orders for outings, golf schools or other student usage, contact C3 Brands Customer Service at 800-561-3872. Please identify yourself as a Proponent Group Member.


Cardconnect for the past 10 years has traditionally beat or at least matched any payment processing fees our members have been paying elsewhere and they surround these highly competitive fees with exceptional client services. If you haven’t compared your processing rates with Cardconnect, it’s worth reaching out to Niles Crum at 630-935-7416.


Imavex provides members with $30 off monthly hosting and maintenance for their WordPress website solutions. For all the details and sample website designs, visit mygolfpro.imavex.com.


Salted performance insoles offers members per unit pricing of $189.99 This is a $40 per unit savings off of the retail price of $229.99. Proponent Group members also earn a 10 percent affiliate bonus for all units sold that are not Personal Use Discount sales. All member sales must go through Andy Lerch (andy@tommyballgolf.com) or at www.mysalted.com.